Food Industry

GreenTopia’s exciting new range of food industry safe and food industry approved cleaning chemicals have been independently tested, certified and accredited to SANS 1828 and EN 1276 standards. These cutting-edge food industry chemicals are also fully toxicology risk assessed by Intertek in Germany and are food industry safe. Our food chemical products are all additionally fully HACCP Standards Compliant, and are certified to Type 1 Eco-Label chemical standards. Most disinfectants are chloride based and they are actually known to cause corrosion on stainless steel surfaces and increase biofilm growth. This microscopic pitting of surfaces caused by corrosion often can’t be seen by the naked eye until it’s too late, and is a perfect hiding place for germs, viruses and other pathogens, which then create biofilms, making them much harder to destroy, resulting in failed swab tests. GreenTopia chemical cleaners and disinfectants actually protect surfaces against corrosion they more they are used. They are much more effective in the disinfecting process by using the method of Cell Wall Intrusion, thus pathogens can’t build up long term resistance to them. A little knows fact is that pathogens such as Listeria have actually built up resistance to conventional older generation QAC’s (Quartenary Ammonium Compounds). GreenTopia disinfectants pass the latest Log 5 disinfection standards, even against Listeria, providing absolute peace of mind. GreenTopia’s food safe chemicals are the ideal solution for food processing plants, fast food outlets, hospitals, medical centres, industrial kitchens, breweries, abattoirs, post-harvest processing, tanker washing, animal farming, canned food manufacturing, soft drink beverage plants, sauce blending plants, chemical factories, starch processing plants as well as being safer for waste water plants, while helping to comply with municipal discharge limits. Did you know that the majority of Q.A.C. based disinfectants and hand sanitizers on the market today contain Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), a potentially toxic substance which may break down to form carcinogenic materials which can cause cancer? Many other disinfectants are Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride based (DDAC) which can contain pesticides, and upon breaking down is highly corrosive, which can be damaging to humans, animals, and surfaces. Proper virucidal and not just bacterial claims are more critical now than ever.

    • With stable high foaming action, excellent cleaning properties, while remaining highly cost effective. State of the art food industry safe multiple purpose degreasing and cleaning product.
      • Product to use FG550 Degreaser

    • Heavy duty high foaming degreaser for the most stubborn of grease and carbon build-ups.
      • Product to use FG550 Degreaser | Cater Gobbler™

    • Heavy Duty Log 5 disinfectant, proven against the major pathogens, including Listeria. New generation extremely powerful bio-degradable disinfectant for the food industry. Excellent 99,999% microbial kill rate.
      • Product to use Virus Gobbler™ Surface Disinfectant

    • Potent 99,9% microbial kill rate with long lasting residual effect. Highly effective. Kind to skin.
      • Product to use Virus Gobbler™ Hand Sanitizer

    • Food safe disinfectant for soaking and cleaning knives, forks, spoons, scissors, cutting boards and other cutlery.
      • Product to useVirus Gobbler™ Surface Disinfectant